Hiking and horseback riding to the foot of Belukha-the legendary Altai mountain with experienced instructors. Transfer from anywhere in the world. Tourist base the Kovcheg
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Хотите увидеть высочайшую гору Сибири и одну из крупнейших горных вершин России, священную гору Алтая – мистическую Белуху?

Эта алтайская жемчужина находится в Усть-Коксинском районе Республики Алтай. Белуха представляет собой две вершины: Западную (4435 м) и Восточную (4509 м), а также понижение между ними – «Седло Белухи» (4000 м). Пик Белухи венчает Катунский хребет.

Хотите почувствовать силу природы и оторваться от городской суеты?

«Гора для души» - так говорят о Белухе альпинисты. У ее подножия особая аура, которая наполняет человека восторгом, добротой и умиротворением. Алтайцы верят, что Белуха - антенна, принимающая и передающая информацию из Космоса. «Пуп» Земли – так прозвали Белуху потому, что она равноудалена от 3-х океанов: Тихого, Атлантического и Индийского.

Хотите расширить круг знакомств, найти единомышленников и весело провести время?

Пеший поход – отличный способ найти новых друзей с общими интересами! Атмосфера путешествия, взаимовыручка и поддержка на маршруте, общая цель, долгие посиделки у костра, вкусная еда, приготовлен­ ная в котелке, станут первым шагом на пути к хорошей дружбе

Мы знаем, что Вас останавливает

К подножию Белухи непросто добраться
Мы предоставляем трансфер из Новосибирска, Барнаула, Горно-Алтайска до нашей базы, где Вы сразу же попадете в надежные руки наших гидов-инструкторов.
Поход длится 7 дней. Не слишком ли это утомительно?
Мы разрабатываем индивидуальные туры. Вы можете выбрать пеший или конный маршрут. Мы даже можем доставить вас к подножию Белухи на вертолете!
А вдруг инструкторы попадутся неопытные
Наши инструкторы – опытные спортсмены-альпинисты и преподаватели школы рафтинга с 10-летней историей «Юнион»

Mount Belukha

Tour category:
by car (1778 / 1408) + on foot (136 km (+10 km)) hiking (good physical fitness necessary)
Age restriction:
from 12 to 16 years old accompanied by an adult
from 8 to 12 days
Active part:
8 days
Group size:
5 - 15 tourists
Number of instructors:
1-2 guides

Belukha is one of the largest mountain peaks in Russia and is the highest point of the Altai Mountains. From the slopes of the mountain the majestic Katun River begins. Belukha has as many as three peaks. The Altaians consider Belukha to be a sacred mountain. Mount Belukha is closely connected with the name of the Roerichs: Elena Ivanovna, the philosopher and the author of many works, and Nikolai Konstantinovich, the mystic artist, who both studied the mountain and believed that it was stronger than the Himalayan peaks in its energy power. Going to this mountain will undoubtedly change your view of life once and for all. Open a new reality.

Tour price
from 14 600rub.
from Ust-Koksa
Tour price
from 17 600rub.
from Ust-Koksa
Tour price
from 14 600rub.
from Ust-Koksa

We offer you an active 8-day tour on the "The Big Katun River" rafts with experienced instructors and reliable equipment

Day 1
Прибытие на базу
Отправление из Новосибирска в 19:00, отправление из Барнаула в 23:50. Питание в дороге - за свой счет. Дорога проходит по знаменитому Чуйскому тракту среди скалистых кряжей Горного Алтая, далее по Канской степи в Уймонскую долину. Прибытие в село Усть-Кокса на турбазу «Ковчег». Ужин, знакомство участников.

Why have 2500 tourists chosen us?

Your safety

is our main priority. Our instructors are experienced water sportsmen and teachers of the rafting school “Union” with a 10-year history. Over the years of work, the “Uninon” school has become a laureate of international competitions in all parts of the world. The school's director is Yuri Viktorovich Skorodumov, who is a master of sports, the chairman of the Novosibirsk branch of the Russian Rafting Federation and the winner of the "For Caring for the Nation" award.

The Tourist Camp Facilities

After a pleasant fatigue from adventures, you can always comfortably rest in the hotel rooms of our tourist camp called "The Ark". There’s free Wi-Fi available throughout the territory of the camp, a restaurant, a sauna, a shop with eco-products and relaxation areas. The reception is open 24 hours a day.

Reliable high-quality equipment

We get the reliable high-quality equipment directly from our partner - "UNION" manufacturer. For 19 years the company's tourist equipment has been used practically on all continents of the Earth in the most difficult weather and natural conditions, and has proved itself to be reliable and high-quality.

Good transport accessibility

Economical tours

Variety of routes

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Customer feedback

Igor Barbashin
On May holidays we as a group of friends went to a wonderful tourist camp called “The Ark”! I’d like to express my gratitude to the organizers for the wonderful, varied rest!!! We didn’t get bored even for a day, every day brought something new) Special thanks to the kitchen staff! The food was tasty and they took my preferences into account. They cooked dishes without meat especially for me. THANKS, guys, keep up the good work!!!
Kristina Kuchinskaya
The other day I traveled to Ust-Koksa to “The Ark” tourist camp, which has wonderful staff. The tourist camp is in an excellent location on the edge of the village, at the confluence of two rivers. This is only one of many advantages! I was helped to get from Gorno-Altaisk city by taxi, the hostess of the camp ordered a taxi in advance and I reached the distance very comfortably. On arrival, despite the late time, I was given freshly cooked food and immediately offered the program for the following days of my stay. For each day, the manager of the camp compiled a program of trips and activities so my vacation went fine. Any wish or proposal was accepted and in the end everything was just perfect). Thank you for your care (on a trip to the mountain I was even given a blanket)) and for attention to the time of your guests. If I had the opportunity, I would go there every weekend)) That’s why, I will definitely go back to visit in the near future!)
Alexander Mikryukov
Wonderful tourist camp, friendly hosts, helpful staff. Not so long ago our big group of friends went to “The Ark”. For three days we managed to climb to the Multinsky lakes, go horse-riding and white-water rafting on the Koksa river. Our impressions are just great both from the tourist camp and from everything we’ve seen. We especially enjoyed the rafting and I want to repeat the experience. The guys tried to make everything fun and interesting. In general, everything is organized at its best. Keep it up!
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