Ecological active tours in the Altai Mountains. Unique tours to the most beautiful and untouched places of Altai. A fascinating journey, imbued with the spirit of adventure!
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Eco- and educational tours

We offer you a variety of eco- and educational tours

Do you want to achieve harmony with nature and get the most valuable things it can offer you – health and longevity?

But you:
Do not know where to go?
Are afraid to be in wild nature?
Are not ready to do without modern conveniences?

Our guides will conduct interesting informative and educational excursions

Siberian Roerich Society
Museum of Culture of Old Believers
Local history museum
Siberian Red Deer (maral) farm
The “Union” rafting school
Herbs, mushrooms, honey
The meat of Siberian Red Deer (maral), cheeses, mead (an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water)
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Anna Pomazan
I had never been to Altai before. My first visit there was to the tourist base "The Ark" in Ust-Koksa. Firstly, the very location of the base makes it possible to get away from everyday fuss, which is really attractive. It’s so delightful to walk along the streets, to feel the rural atmosphere and enjoy breathtaking landscapes. There is no fuss and it makes you feel as if you have already had a good rest. Staying at the base, I did not feel that I was a visitor, it felt like home. I could address any question to the staff without fear of being misunderstood. I got everything I asked for, even organizing a horse ride "right now because I'm leaving in an hour." Not a single day was wasted. If you haven’t been to Multinsky lakes - I really recommend going there! It's unforgettable! I don’t know where else I could experience the same. I slid down the icy Mount Red without a snow saucer or anything. This is all in addition to the beauty that you should see with your own eyes, and not just talk about it. All the guides I dealt with were a blessing; I was very excited. And especially the guide we rafted on the river Biryuksa with. Five days in the company of an experienced geologist and the director of the rafting school will greatly expand the outlook and you definitely won’t get bored. The rafting trip itself is a continuous adventure. Now if I hear about the fact that someone is going rafting, I feel really envious. Altai is awesome!